TO 5-in-1 Wonder Lash XXL Mascara BI


Oriflame’s The ONE invites you to take your favourite 5-in-1 lash look to an all new level with The ONE Wonder Lash XXL Mascara. Discover the power of Oriflame’s exclusive Wonder Brush with patented Dual Core Technology. It empowers the Wonder Lash formula with an explosive boost of multi-benefit impact and exceptional volume.

The brush’s firm inner core and soft outer core bristles work together to drench your lashes in the coconut oil infused Pro Lash Formulation, delivering 49%† more volume and pushing lashes upwards for exceptional curl* and length*.

Discover what it feels like to embrace the ultimate, lash by lash, and unleash the extraordinary in you.

† Clinically Tested

* Consumer Tested

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